Hey everyone, it's finally time! We have hit tier 3 in the citadel and as promised, I have released the money run.

For all of you who don't know what a "money run" is, it's basically when you go around to all the vendors in Runescape and buy stuff. You then sell it on the G.E. for more. This money run you make about 800k to 1000k per run. It varies a on what herbs you plant and your Miscellania loot.

You do need certain quests to be done to do certain parts of the run. Some of the quests you might need are: Horror from the Deep, Legend's Quest, As a First Resort, Watchtower (for easier transportation), Ghosts Ahoy(for easy transport). Some other skills and quests will help you, but aren't necesary.

So I've created 3 videos for you. Just a side note, I know the quality of the videos is crap, It's because my computer runs faster then fraps. Also I do get sidetracked a lot :). Overall I hope this helps you guys out a lot and good job geting to tier 3. My YouTube name is xxmynameismittensxx. Subscribe!



Part 1------------------>


Part 2------------------>

Part 3------------------>