The Citadel is a great place as it is, but with this project, we are upgrading to Tier 4.

The last time we had a project like this, it was very successful and we achieved Tier 3 on February 12.

Tier 3 Citadel

This time, it will be a little more difficult. We will need:

  • 17,500 roots (0 stored)
  • 15,000 stone (0 stored)
  • 15,000 bars (0 stored)

We are currently trying to get the Firemaking Kiln and Furnace now, so we can begin the project. This will be achieved by February 19. Then, we will start upgrading our skill plots as we upgrade the citadel in this order:

  • Woodcutting (tier 3) and Mining (tier 3)
  • Firemaking Kiln (tier 2) and Furnance (tier 2)
  • Firemaking Kiln (tier 3) and Furnance (tier 3)