Welcome to the Clan Citadel Page! On here, you will find news about the clan citadel, different plans about the citadel, and to find what you need to do as your part of being a Sergeant or higher!

What is the clan citadel?

The clan citadel is our Clan Owned Area (similar to a POH, but much bigger, and it is owned by the entire clan). Our citadel is tier 3 (with plans to upgrade to tier 4, see this page for information about our plans to upgrade).

How do I get to the clan citadel?

There are multiple ways to get to the clan citadel. The most convenient way is to teleport using your clan vexillium (which is acquired at the Clan Camp south of Falador), and then to enter the portal. Another way is to teleport to your house in Rimmington and run north to the Clan Camp and into the portal. Other ways include teleporting with an Explorer Ring 3 or higher (and running west), or by teleport to Falador (and running south).

What can I do in the citadel?

Once inside the citadel, you will see our entrance and a great view of the world below. There are many things you can do after entering. You can view our noticeboard, visit the battlefield, collect resources (which not only helps the clan, but it also allows you to get a clan ring which grants you +50% experience in RuneScape for a certain amount of experience), use private meeting rooms, just chat with friends, or use one of the two banks!

How do I navigate within the citadel?

You will have to ask somebody experienced in the citadel to navigate the citadel map, because we recently upgraded our citadel and will have to wait until we can post a new map (because we don't have all of our skill plots yet - sorry for the inconvenience!)

What am I required to do in the clan citadel?

Depending on your rank, you are responsibile for collecting certain amounts of resources the citadel weekly. These resources are generally roots:

  • Sergeant: 300 resources
  • Lieutenant to General: 600 resources
  • Administrator and Beyond: 1,000 resources

When do I know when I need to collect more resources?

The clan citadel resets every Sunday, but we ask that you finish your citadel resource collection by Friday. After Sunday, it is a very safe bet that you will be able to collect more resources and claim your clan ring again.

How can I get more answers to my questions?

If you still have questions regarding the clan citadel, feel free to contact any Administrator or higher in-game, or just post on this page!