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  • Do you need an assist?
  • Do you need your free 30,000 daily experience?

If so, this is the place for you!

Who Will Assist You?Edit

Please edit this section if you are willing to dedicate your time to giving effigy assists to members of your clan. Please include the stats you will assist with and your level in that stat.

  • xGRIN (99 Fletching, 99 Cooking, 99 Construction, OR 91 Herblore)
  • Pressurize (99 cooking, 99 Fletching, 99 farming)
  • Zeoro (93 Cooking, 99 fletching)
  • alphapro99 (99 fletching)
  • justice deed (93 Runecrafting)
  • FarmboyAdam (91 smithing)
  • Balla (91 Runecrafting)
  • El Regulator (95 farming)

Just fill this template out as a comment what levels you need or want to give! Once you have gotten your assist/are maxed for the day, be sure to either post "Got it" or delete your comment.

Runescape User Name:

Requesting or Assisting:

Skill Name:

Skill Level:

World Available:

Location Available:

Pressurize 02:04, January 31, 2012 (UTC)