Road to Max!Edit

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As everyone knows Justice Deed and I (Ease of War) have been going for Max cape. Thanks to xGrin's excellent work in creating this wiki, we are now able to show our progess to the entire clan! Check in frequently as we will be updating this often. It's brand new right now show I'll try to add some pictures, but hopefully this page will grow and we'll go all out on organization and cool account pics!

  • First update and some skillz :[)
  • Some effigies i will be using to get some rc exp! I have more effigies to come yet! (7th Feb)
  • some money making
  • 2 hour ganobeast trip, no effigies :[


(February 15th - Ease of War)

I guess we better start adding stuff to this thread. So what are we doing in runescape now? Well, due to the effigy update I'm going to be stuck skilling for awhile. I have 45 effigies still left and I plan to use all of them. I'm only going to be using on the sucky skills aswell to maintain efficency. For example, I have 99 smithing but I'm going to be using all my mining/smith effigies on mining. So in order for me to be able to use all my effigies, I'm going to need to get 87-93 mining, 87-89 hunter and 88-93 theiving so all of the slow effigy skills can be boosted to 97. I don't want to kill another monster untill this happens or else I'll always feel like I'm missing out on a chance for an effigy drop.

For the past couple days though, I have just been farming, crafting and getting 99 herb banked. I managed to stock up enough overload supplies to get me 96-99 herb in about 2 hours for the next 2x weekend. I figured that I didn't want to be 99 herb with a bunch of unusable pots so I toke the exspensive route. That way I'd up with 99 herb and a bunch of overloads that I'll eventually use.


I also have been thinking about getting the new fire cape. I tested the new waves in mediocre gear without even using potion flasks or a yak and still managed to get to wave 24. I saw videos of other people doing it and does not look that difficult. If I made a real attempt at it I think I could accomplish it. I'll probably make a real attempt before the early bird bonus goes. We'll its back to skilling for now, I'll make another update later.