Welcome to the weekly news page! This page is designed to show our improvements throughout the week, as well as new updates and current projects!

Please feel free to comment on anything you see or any ideas you have to improve the clan.

Edition Information

  • This Clan Weekly News is for the week of January 5 to 12
  • The next news update will be released on February 19.

Our Clan Stats

This section details changes in our overall clan stats from last week:

Member Count

Below is the news on our member count:

  • Member Count: 111
  • Last Week's Member Count: 110
  • Member Gain: +1

Total Experience

Below is the news on our total experience gained as a clan:

  • Total Experience: 710,000,000
  • Last Week's Total Experience: 800,000,000
  • Total Experience Gain: +80,000,000

Total Level

Below is the news on our average total level as a clan:

  • Average Total Level: 1870
  • Last Week's Average Total Level: 1861
  • Average Total Level Gain: +9

Recent Accomplishments

This section details all the new epic accomplishments gotten by our clanmates!

  • A Wild Grin - 99 Strength!

Updates and Projects

This section details new updates and current projects in our clan!

New Updates

  • The Wiki is still going strong!!
  • Tier 3 Citadel!!

Current Projects