Welcome to the Clan Bank page!

The Clan Bank is a pile of cash made from selling the collection of deposits from people who are either donating or depositing items they have skilled. All of these coins are put into a tab of xGRIN's bank (away from the money bag). Every time somebody deposits or withdraws, it is documented later in this post.

The Clan Bank currently has 8,590,130gp!

Clan Bank Usage

Listed below is how the clan bank's money is generally used:

  • It lets us host awesome drop parties!
  • It allows us to give loans to our clanmates!
  • It helps to pay for some bossing events!
  • It gives our clan a way to save by storing money there that can be withdrawed!

To see plans for future usage, please see this post!

Withdrawing Limitations

Your rank determines how much you can withdraw without adding something to the bank. You are allowed to withdraw as much as you deposit, but the amount of you can take over that amount is based on your rank.

Rank Maximum Debt MAX Withdraw Weekly

Recruit and Corporal

0gp 250,000gp
Sergeant 350,000gp 500,000gp
Lieutenant 1,000,000gp 1,500,000gp
Captain and General 2,000,000gp 3,000,000gp

Administrator to Overseer

5,000,000gp 10,000,000gp
Deputy Owner and Owner 10,000,000gp 25,000,000gp

These limitations ensure that people do not keep withdrawing without depositing. If you reach your limit, you are not allowed to withdraw any more until you have deposited the amount you owe.

Individual Balances

Listed below are how much money has been deposited and withdraw from each clan member who has ever used the clan bank.

  • 5IVE4 - 1965K
  • Abyssal Yoma - 1000K
  • Alec Damico - 841K
  • Alis Strike - 127K
  • AlphaPro99 - 25K
  • A Wild Grin - 40K
  • DEADxINSIDE - 7385K
  • Eskimocody - 80K
  • General Deed - 1000K
  • Josh Elite - 400K
  • Kabuto805 - 80K
  • le ANGEL - 82K
  • MaccMillerr - 456K
  • Man Man 3 4 - 912K
  • myrage Kills - 73K
  • oO Taliz Oo - 1000K
  • x Km - 650K
  • xBART007 - 100K
  • xGRIN - 1350K
  • xICE - 1120K
  • Zeet - 1438K
  • Zenox - 1170K