After you have joined a Clan Improvement Department, your fulfillment of duties are recorded and put on your department's page. The amount of points you get are dependent on how well you performed your duties, and your future ranking from Captain to Coordinator is based on the amount of points you have, as well as your experience gained in the clan.

Point Allotment

Points are awarded by the highest ranks of the clan. There is not a definite amount of responsibilities completed to be awarded points; it is based solely on the judgement of the higher ranks:

  • Responsibilities were not attempted: -2 points
  • Responsibilities attempted, but unsuccessful: -1 point
  • Some responsibilities fulfilled: 0 points
  • All responsibilities fulfilled: 1 point
  • Extraordinary performance demonstrated: 2 points

Point Translation

Points are used to determine your rank in the clan. Listed below are the required points for each rank:

  • Lieutenant: -2 points
  • Captain: 0 points
  • General: 5 points
  • Administrator: 15 points
  • Organizer: 25 points
  • Coordinator: 40 points